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Prior to the T5, every Palm Tungsten T series handheld featured the expand and retract slider design. The T5 departs from this tradition and borrows its design from the popular, lower end Tungsten E handheld. The Tungsten E has been a big success for palmOne, becoming the top selling handheld every quarter since its introduction over a year ago. Design The T5 really impressed me when I first picked it up. Because it had inherited its appearance from the TE, I was concerned that it would have a similar light and plastic feel. Fortunately it does not, and the T5 has an excellent body and finish.

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Subwoofer Setup Part I: Placement and positioning While a subwoofer’s deep bass is nondirectional, it would be unwise to just stick the sub anywhere that’s convenient in your room. Corner placement is the de facto strategy for most people, possibly because the sub will then be out of the way and almost always produces the most bass, but corner placement may not yield the most accurate bass, or smoothest transition to the speakers.

The sub and speakers have to work together as a team, and ideally you should never hear the sub as a separate sound source. All of the bass should appear to come from the speakers. With small speakers, it’s best to keep the sub within 3 or 4 feet of the front left or right speakers.

Anyway to have tv wirelessly connect to the cable box? Can,t wire (for cable) the wall I want tv to be positioned on. Don’t want to have cable wires running up and down doorways and along baseboards in order to connect tv.

Hi guys a friend of my husbands gave me an old 5 horse electric motor single phase volts. It has no wiring diagram with it. Two of the black wires have an extra band of tape on them. If I take an meter to one of the banded wires and one of the not banded wires I get a short and the same thing with the other two.

So would I take both banded wires to one side of the and the other two not banded wires to the other side of the or do they go in series I don’t want to burn it out before I get to use it Thanks Guys Click to expand Take it to a qualified motor shop or a scrap dealer. There is no way anyone here is going to tell you any combination of hooking up a bunch of unknown black wires with “an extra band of tape on them” and connect it to mains of any kind. Even if you were able to discern the actual resistance of a winding – it’s not a short, just typically less than one ohm – you have no way of checking their phasing.

Two of them are probably the capacitor connection, but there’s no way to tell. Do not under any circumstances connect that motor to any kind of mains power until it has physically been gone over by a qualified motor technician and deemed safe.

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Test of 5 line rods. Measurements of casting distance and action – what’s best? The stiffest rods will create the longest casts! This is a common assumption made by fly casters, but is it really accurate? What follows are the results of a test that examined this hypothesis by combining length measurements of distance casts with measurements of rod stiffness using the Common Cents System CCS.

Jan 06,  · Motor hook up; Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last. Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of 39 (when used to control motors, we call them contactors). Take a picture of that box and point out where the power wires are connected and the wires from the armored cable. (often T5), and 7) the other lead of the start winding (often T6) is connected to the center.

Inside the Car Step 1: Drop and Remove the Steering Column The first thing I did was remove the two front seats and drop the steering column. The column needs to be dropped in order to swap the pedal assemblies. Before dropping the column, the column harness needs to be disconnected. I used a small flat-head screwdriver to help pull apart the harness connectors, but you could do it without.

What this component does is prevent you from shifting out of Park without pressing the brake. The cable coming out of the bottom of the mechanism attaches to the shifter. Remove Pedal Assembly Before you can start unbolting the pedal assembly, you first need to disconnect the brake booster rod and brake light wiring from the pedal assembly. With the column dropped, there should be 4 remaining bolts on the firewall holding the pedal assembly in.

Taking out the pedal assembly and putting in the new one can take a little while.

T5 Transmission swap into a Volvo

This look at the parts and procedures is a good place to start. Several companies offer new AODs, like the Lentech Street Cruiser unit shown here, which includes a inch non-lockup torque converter. Of course, you can also get an AOD from a Fox Mustang donor car, but it’s more of a crap shoot with a used transmission of unknown condition. It may need rebuilding before it can be used. For more than a decade, installing an overdrive-automatic or manual transmission into a vintage Mustang has been a popular upgrade.

Focal Point LLC | S. Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL | | | @focalpointlight (t5/t5HO) 3 lamps 4 lamps 2 lamps 2 lamps 3 lamps Notes: Ballast quantity and location may differ from that shown based on type and availability. Not recommended for dimming or energy saving lamp applications, consult factory for.

Ed Olin This article will hopefully explain how to easily adjust the stock clutch in your Mustang. Well, that is not exactly true, since the stock clutch setup is completely adjustable so the clutch can be made to release or engage at any point in the pedal travel. Reasons you might want to adjust the clutch: For safety, I strongly recommend that you spend the time getting to know how the clutch and the adjustment mechanism work, so that you will really understand what you are doing.

Also, any clutch adjustment should be performed with the engine turned off, transmission in neutral, and the parking brake firmly set. There are two ways to adjust the clutch, depending on the reason you are adjusting it in the first place. Sometimes this is referred to as “lifting” the clutch pedal since it is usually done with the toe of your shoe while you sit in the seat.

This activates the self-adjusting mechanism and is generally fine for most people and is the procedure to use as the clutch wears normally. But, the actual adjustment can easily be done kneeling next to the car and reaching under the dash once you know the method, this is especially good if you are like me and don’t fit under the dash very well. Now, it is important to understand the basics.

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If the REC button is pressed again, the recording stops and a voice file is created. Recording is performed in order V , V , etc. If the Memory is full, the Voice Recording is stopped automatically. Release the key to resume play normally. To change tracks during play Pull the key briefly during playback to play the next track. Use the keys to move to the frequency you want.

If you’re not, make sure you leave the under-dash covers out so that you can get in there to hook up the cable. Note: if you’ve read articles on the Mustang T-5 conversion, you should know that you do not have to worry about rerouting a speedo cable, unless you have an Cougar/T-Bird.

T5 for 5 In we bought a VW T5 panel van and converted it into a camper for me, my wife and our three kids – hence T5 for 5. This blog documents that work, a few of our trips and some of the tweaks we’ve made along the way. I hope some of it may be of interest to others who are following a similar dream. Friday, 21 January Electric hook-up For some reason I have been really looking forward to doing this, having been inspired by the relevant thread on T4 Forum.

I was after some nylon hinges to hinge the plastic cover under the offside rear light cluster, but in the end had to plump for some brass hinges; not ideal but I will grease them to aid against rusting. Anyway, having thread the 16amp cable through the grommet that the light cables came through I screwed the male plug this means there are no live exposed end on the cable you bring to the van onto the van.

The plastic cover and the plastic casing underneath need to be cut away to allow the hook up to go in. Hopefully the picture will be useful for someone attempting a similar approach.

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Whether you want a full conversion or a part conversion, we can carry out this service at a very competitive price and build to the NCC guidelines and requirements. Elevating Front Roof in Black or White. Standard Black Rock and Roll Bed 4.

T5 Borg-Warner built this transmission beginning in the early 80’s and another company under licence continues to do so. Multiple applications including imports. The left unit is a GM 4 cylinder version with the fine spline input and the tall narrow pattern.

I’m just trying to save the money of having a professional come out if there’s any chance I can do this myself. I moved into my house a few years ago and noticed there was cat5 wiring in 3 rooms. I mentioned it to the Verizon tech who installed my router, but he said he’d have to install the router where my main computer would be set up, that he couldn’t help me figure out the wiring. I work from home but I didn’t have a need for the cat5 wiring until recently when my office because my son’s room.

I use a laptop, so at first I connected wirelessly. It’s in an unfinished part of our basement. I tried hooking my router up to the coax in the basement and it didn’t work. I tried tracing the coax, but after many hours of frustration, I lost it behind a finished wall. Is there some trick to this that maybe I’m missing? I’d love to just move the router to the basement, but I can’t find the end of this coax to even try.

If there’s no good solution for that situation, one of these 3 ethernet jacks is in my son’s room.

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Designed with every thing in mind Modern Scandinavian design. All designed around intuitive technology. All created to suit your style — with the mark of true Scandinavian craftsmanship.

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Create a cohesive set of related sites with shared navigation, look and feel A hub site brings consistency across sites from the top down. When a team site or communication site is associated to a hub site, it inherits common characteristics, including: Navigation — Define top navigation in the hub site that is inherited by associated sites.

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Not only are you working in a dark and confined space, but the pedal bracket is wedged up in under the dash. We found the easiest way is to create as much working space as possible. Remove the drivers seat, unless you like being a contortionist. Secondly, take our advice and drop the steering column down.

Default Off-Hook Phone Screen: Polycom UC Software allows the VVX , , 3xx, 4xx, 5xx and 6xx series business media phones series to display the Lines view as the default phone screen in an off-hook mode or during an active call.

This article is a guide to installing a Borg-Warner T-5 manual transmission for the 5. This conversion uses Mustang parts commonly found in the salvage yard, swap meets or auction websites. At this writing it is not recommended to use a T-5 on the V6 until much more research is made. For most people who plan to drive their car on the street, the obvious choice would be the Mustang V8 T-5 transmission. It’s cheap, plentiful, and has average durability.

We bet you didn’t know that there are over 30 flavors of T-5 transmissions! They all have different maximum torque ratings, and gear ratios. For technical information on the differences in T-5’s, check out the spec chart here. Of course, there are other options for transmissions. There are many aftermarket units available which have been improved or are designed to take the stress of “extreme” applications. There are also places that have assembled 5-speed conversion kits, complete with transmission and everything you need to do the job.

Some parts are used though, so be sure to ask questions. A worn clutch that worked in another car may not work in yours, even with the same transmission!

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Most folks simply went with linear fluorescent lights LFLs — and for good reason. They have quality light output, are one of the most efficient light sources available, and have decent lifespans. That being said, now there is a new player in the commercial lighting arena that promises even better efficiency: Tell us about your fluorescent lighting application and we will suggest an LED alternative! To help you decide, take a look at some of the benefits of T8 LEDs: This makes them safe for the environment.

I have % rating as a buyer. Ran into a Germany seller, bought small, got my product. Bought a bit bigger, and got the product. Loaded up and suddenly my product gets lost in the mail, so says seller.

In , when Hogan was nine, his father Chester committed suicide by self-inflicted gunshot at the family home. By some accounts, Chester committed suicide in front of him, which some including Hogan biographer James Dodson have cited as the cause of his introverted personality in later years. Older brother Royal quit school at age 14 to deliver office supplies by bicycle, and nine-year-old Ben sold newspapers after school at the nearby train station. One of his fellow caddies at Glen Garden was Byron Nelson , later a tour rival.

The two would tie for the lead at the annual Christmas caddie tournament in December , when both were Nelson sank a foot putt to tie on the ninth and final hole. Instead of sudden death , they played another nine holes; Nelson sank another substantial putt on the final green to win by a stroke.

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