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The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Conceived and designed the experiments: Abstract Many details surrounding the origins of the peoples of Oceania remain to be resolved, and as a step towards this we report seven new complete mitochondrial genomes from the Q2a haplogroup, from Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Kiribati. This brings the total to eleven Q2 genomes now available. The Q haplogroup that includes Q2 is an old and diverse lineage in Near Oceania, and is reasonably common; within our sample set of , 97 are of the Q haplogroup. However, only 8 are Q2, and we report 7 here. The tree with all complete Q genomes is proven to be minimal.

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June Background We are probably amongst the youngest Oceania loyalists 25 and 34 but we just love traveling by ship and the atmosphere and food only found on Oceania Cruises. Read More Background We are probably amongst the youngest Oceania loyalists 25 and 34 but we just love traveling by ship and the atmosphere and food only found on Oceania Cruises.

The following morning we got a promotional email from Oceania with discounts for cruises that included free gratuities and the premium beverage package. I immediately checked and found a cruise that was eligible for that promotion and had a fairly similar itinerary and was also this summer. Since it was less than 15 hours since we confirmed our reservation I contacted our TA and asked her to switch us.

If I had been Oceania I would have given the TA either an advance notice on promotions or given us the possibility to switch cruises. Option 3 would have been to give us the same promotion for our booked cruise. Unfortunately the only times available to us were either at 6: Getting a table at When we came on the ship we were able to change all bookings to our preferred dining time and nobody understood why only the very early and late options had been available Flights When our cruise day arrived we woke up very early to catch our KLM flight to Rome.

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Rio’s potential coal-free future is in stark contrast with many of its rivals. Ian Waldie “Having one of the big diversified miners without thermal coal does give investors more options. Chief executive officer Jean-Sebastien Jacques has argued that even a mining firm as big as his has only so much managerial talent and money, and must focus those on more productive assets. It has also been able to sell coal mines for what it sees as good prices, allowing more cash to be returned to shareholders.

The big diversified miners are all trying to work out which commodities are going to be most disadvantaged in the future.

Gay cruises for older singles cruises from galveston cruises from galveston are typically available all year scottish dating sites for people over 40 long, mostly ranging free scottish dating sites in length from 4- gay cruises for older singles to 7-nights although there are a.

The kingdom of Tonga is a Polynesian sovereign state and archipelago comprising nearly two hundred islands with around a quarter of them inhabited. The date that the first occupation of the islands took place is ambiguous – as is the dating of most of the archaeological sites in the region. However, the mainstream opinion suggests the first settlers of the islands arrived in around BC with the oldest occupied site found on the island of Tongatapu, where the unusual megalithic monument exists.

For a start, arriving at and inhabiting these isolated islands over three millennia ago was a big achievement for the Lapita people , the first ones that are believed to have inhabited the island. The Lapita people were a pre-historic culture predating the Polynesians who later populated the islands from Hawaii to Easter Island – clearly showing navigational skills.

The structure is a megalithic trilithon that was said to have been built in about AD by the king of the time, probably as the entrance to his royal compound Heketa. A trilithon is a structure that consists of two vertical stones with a third stone supporting the top. Many would be familiar with the most famous trilithons that can be seen at Stonehenge in the United Kingdom.

This specific one consists of three coral limestone slabs creating a structure of about 5. The most prominent story says that the trilithon was made by the Maui demigod s because no other mortals would be able to handle such giant stones. It was said that the Maui obtained the stones and carried them on a giant canoe. Maui were legendary demi-gods and they are present in most of the folklore of the Pacific islands.

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After thirty years of archaeological exploration, these three regions have all yielded Pleistocene human occupation sites as predicted, with some sites being in excess of 30, years old. A greater surprise were the Pleistocene sites found in extremely arid areas in .

A gentleman that’s fun, funny, and young at heart. Loves people, going out to see live bands and into music. Being real is important, understanding, and loyal. Not a big drinker.. Someone who loves family, and doesn’t have issues with their past.. Loves life, the beach and being romantic. A man that is busy with life. Lived in Canberra, the Gold Coast and now Melbourne for the last 3 yrs. I laugh a lot, don’t take life too seriously, enjoy good company, make friends easily.

The Q2 Mitochondrial Haplogroup in Oceania

It means white gypsum soil which is found in the area. Kow Swamp is now a lake used to store irrigation water. It is 15 kilometres in circumference and about 3 metres deep. It was once a low lying swamp which only filled when the Murray River was in flood or running at high levels. There are canoe trees where the bark has been taken from the tree to make a canoe.

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To return to the main Archives page, please click here. To subscribe to our weekly newsletter, absolutely free of charge, please click here. Cruising with Teens Email a Friend Though my son is past this stage now, I’ve taken several cruises with a teenager, and I can summarize what I’ve learned with 5 points: I’m kidding of course, that’s the second best thing.

The best thing is that they are old enough to go anywhere you can go, so if you’ve dreamed of the Mediterranean , Northern Europe , Alaska or even more exotic destinations but held back while the kids were young, now you can go for it. It’s a little-known fact that the Second Law of Thermodynamics, namely, that all systems tend to spread out and become disorganized, actually refers to a teenager settling into a cruise cabin.

Hawaii Tours for Solo / Single Travellers Say yes to adventure by hopping on a tour of Hawaii designed for single travellers and explore the world on your own. The itineraries will walk you down the streets of Honolulu, and charm you with the vibe of Kona.

I have been hesitant on joining dating sites like AnastasiaDate, Elena’s Models, and Russian Cupid because I heard some people claim they’re scams. Can anyone tell me if they had any luck and if any are legitimate? Would an 18 or 19 year old woman go for a 26 year old American guy? I’ve been on every single American dating site for the past year.

Sent out messages few replies which amounted to nothing. Most of the girls on the American sites aren’t serious or don’t like someone older if they’re still college age. It is totally impossible for me to get a relationship in the Anglo nations so I’d like to find a woman from the Eastern Euro block. Actually, based on our research, if you signup and begin to pay, it is not “nothing”.

What happens on the scam sites that charge per-message and per-minute is that the men actually believe they are getting to know women on those sites, starting relationships that they hope will one day become happy marriages. Little do the men know, that their messages are being answered by women who are being paid per message to reply to them. When the men pay per minute on those sites for webcam chat, little do they know that the women are being paid per minute to pretend to be falling in love with them.

If you don’t believe this, do the following research. They say they pay women see the payment chart on the payment page http:

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