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A organ to 6W Leslies with a connector chassis Here is a quick guide to hooking up a 6W style Leslie i. The information on how to do this hookup does exist in various places, but I get the question every so often, so I figured a quick run-through was in order. As usual, first a few givens: For use in an A , you need to have the ‘ ‘ version of this connector, the ‘utility’ connector with bare wire ends for universal usage. If you don’t have a , you can use the diagram above to make one. Make sure that the wires to pins 2 and 4 are capable of handling AC mains power. Hooking it up to the A To make the actual hookup, you need to place the in a convenient place inside the organ. The wires on your connector harness must be long enough to reach from this position to the organ power amp, and the AC wires may even need to be longer depending on where you hook them up.

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The usual leslie kits for an A hook up to the AO The AO39 has a low-pass filter (treble cut) that makes the bass seem boomy. Hammond was at it again, trying to eliminate key click.

The jack is only for use with a Leslie speaker that has 9 pins, usually Leslie model but a couple other models will work. No other application for that jack. For what you want to do you don’t need a preamp. You have two options to make the Hammond and Fender cab work together. Use the internal amp or use an additional amp. Using an additional amp will be a lot louder, for use in a band with drums and guitars.

To drive the fender cab using just the amplifier that’s built into the organ, unplug the organ, take the back off, find the wires that are going to the built in 12″ speaker and disconnect them. You will run these instead to the Fender cab. On the other end that’s not going to the Fender cab cut off any plug that it has, if there is any, strip the two wires, twist each one wire onto one of the two wires that were going to the speaker and tape over them with electrical tape or duct tape or similar.

Put the organ back on and play it. It won’t sound that much different, maybe a little but not much.

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The Leslie W is powered by a watt RMS solid state amplifier with a real vacuum tube preamp. pin and 8-pin Leslie sockets allow connection and onboard control with Hammond Organs, most other electronic organs and keyboards can hook up to the W using a .

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There are a few minor scuffs and scratches on the wood and a small blemish on the top grill cloth. This tone cabinet has been maintained through the years and functions perfectly. All vacuum tubes are original Hammond, and test good. It is equipped with two inch Rola Alnico speakers for bass tones and two inch Jensen speakers for the treble tones. The speakers are original with date codes of

Included is a customized Leslie amp in a model 47 cabinet, 3 separate 6-pin Leslie cables to hook up to the Hammond and extra power tubes. Also included is a pair of Roll-or-Kari dollies with lift handles, essential for moving the organ around, plus the original bench and foot pedals.

The main reason is it’ll no longer sound dull in the middle of the keyboard with sub-fund drawbars pulled all the way out. The bass sub-fund drawbar tends to drown everything out. The old wax capacitors deteriorate with age especially after 30 odd years and their value increases. Its time to bin ’em Get yourself a printout of the ‘A Theory of Operation Manual’ from the following website link coz it helps a lot. It’s the same for C3 and B3 Hammonds. A Theory of Operation Manual After desoldering all the old wax caps off they measured over three times the value of what they are meant to be and what they were originally when the generator was built.

This bigger capacitance leads to a much lower cut off point for the tone, therefore lower frequencies sound louder ie, it sounds like the bass pot is turned up to full and the treble turned down. Replacement mylar film polyester type caps will be best but if you can’t get hold of any mylar type caps then try some more available types.

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Instead, I use an old Korg CX3 – it comes pretty close on some things. The LowPro obviously kicks up the lows a great deal. This pic comes from this music store where this rig is for sale. It’s not my unit and mine’s not for sale , and I have absolutely no connection to the store, just passing along the info. Motion Sound makes a newer one-piece unit, the Pro , here:

Re: How to hook up Hammond XK pedals to C2D by flmc59» 31 Oct , The dedicated midi Bass pedal input on the nord reads on all channels and routes to the pedal drawbars regardless of what channel is the pedals send on.

He was disappointed, however, with the sound in his home compared to the large showroom where he originally heard it. Consequently, he attempted to design a speaker to overcome this. He initially tried making a cabinet similar to Hammond’s, but soon concluded that pipe organs produced a spacially varied sound because of the different location of each pipe.

He set out to emulate this by making a moving speaker. He tried various combinations of speakers and speeds, and discovered that a single one running at what’s now known as the “tremolo” speed worked best. After further experimentation, he decided that splitting the signal into a rotating drum and horn helped accentuate bass and treble frequencies. Laurens Hammond, however, was not impressed with Leslie’s attempt to better his own organ design, and declined to market it.

The audio signal enters the amplifier from the instrument. Once amplified, the signal travels to an audio crossover , which splits it into separate frequency bands that can be individually routed to each loudspeaker. Different models have different combinations of speakers, but the most common model, the , consists of a single woofer for bass and a single compression driver and acoustic horn for treble.

An electric motor rotates both horn and drum at a constant speed. This is normally set up once and then left, since the organ’s expression pedal normally controls the volume.

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It should be enough to give you a good idea of what is involved in hooking a or other “single-ended” Leslie to speaker level outputs. The kit is relatively easy to make, even more so if you don’t mind having the internal speakers permanently disconnected. The most basic setup requires i A six pin amphenol socket, ii a fuse holder with 5A fuse, iii an electronics hobby box or similar housing and iv a single pole – single throw switch of your choice capable of handling line AC voltages.

Control Zone. When it comes to reviewing Hammond emulators, I’m very fortunate. I simply place the instrument in question next to my mint, year-old A and Leslie , hook up a .

Since I receive a lot of Email asking about the differences between them, I would like to offer the following to clarify some technical points, and for historical perspective. I will have to try the solid state relays. The fact is they are so alike that a can be converted into a by simply swapping the amps. But, the similarity ends there. Forget the obvious things like the same driver, woofer and crossover, tubes – ‘s, the 0C3 v regulator tube, 12AU7’s 1 in a ; 2 in a , etc.

They are two different amp designs for two different purposes, based around the same chassis with somewhat similar intended uses. They are supposed to act and sound differently! The ‘s “balanced line” input was originally designed to match the balanced-line output of early HAMMOND organs and as a means to keep 60 hz hum down for motor switching requirements. The early Leslie 22H and later cabinets were made specifically for this reason.

The tone cabinet’s 15″ woofer added bottom to the sound. As clarification, a can be used with a G-G terminal organ using one G terminal and ground , but it’s tonal characteristics were designed to perform for a completely market segment — unbalanced-line organs made by many manufacturers, including HAMMOND.

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Hammond M3 and Leslie Not sure if this should be in the geekslutz forum or newbie, but it feels like a stupid question so I’ll start here. I am connecting a Leslie to a Hammond M3 using a connector kit. Unfortunately, the had previously been modified to use with a G-G Hammond no internal speaker.

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