How To Make a Heart Shaped Wreath Form

I tried a pattern stitch that I think mimics little hearts. Materials Size 10 thread in white Size 10 thread in red Size 6 1. Starting at hips with white, ch 50, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn. Ch 1, sc in first st, [ch 2, sk next 2 sts, sc in next 2 sts] across, turn. With red, join with sl st in first st, ch 6 counts as first tr and ch 2 , [work double 3 tr cluster, ch 2] across to last st, ch 2, work tr in last st, turn. With white, join with sc in first tr, 2 sc in first ch 2 sp, sc in next double 3 tr cluster, [3 sc in next ch 2 sp, sc in next double 3 tr cluster] across, sc in next ch 2 sp, sc in last tr, turn. Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn. Repeat rows twice more.

Free Girl’s Crochet Hat Pattern with Heart

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Emily Tennant

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We are adding the pattern to your Crochet Patterns. The pattern was added to your Crochet Patterns. You must be logged in to save a pattern. Smaller hooks exist and are marked by numbers, but those steel hooks are mostly used for very fine yarn and thread, and they won’t be covered here. Yarn weights, also, are designated by numbers, and those range from 0 to 6, with 6 being the thickest and 0 being the thinnest. Each yarn weight works the best with a few different hook sizes.

If you need help choosing a crochet hook, we have a helpful guide to how to find your best crochet hook size , or you can check the yarn label when buying your yarn.

Quick Christmas Projects Round Up

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Crochet for Barbie (the belly button body type): “Hearts” Valentine’s Day outfit (skirt)

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Feb 13,  · Friday Catch Up and Happy Valentines! On to sweeter things it’s valentines day tomorrow and there’s still time to quickly hook up a few of these Sweet Lacy Hearts: Sweet Lacy Flowers Hearts: Honestly you can make them very quickly, just click on the name to find the easy ‘s Crafty Corner.

Help Cupid collect hearts. After having a laugh, check out our collection of Valentine’s Day Games. For more holiday fun, visit our main Valentine’s Day page and learn about the history of Valentine’s Day. Find fun activities like Valentine’s Day videos and Valentine’s Day coloring pages. What did the stamp say to the envelope on Valentine’s Day? I’m stuck on you! What travels around the world but stays in one corner?

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Emily Tennant

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Free Girl’s Crochet Hat Pattern with Heart

Free Crochet Patterns for Barbie doll Sunday, January 8, “Hearts” Valentine’s day outfit purse I decided late last night to make a little heart shaped purse for this oufit, so here it is. Materials Size 10 thread in red One sew on snap Size 6 1. This heart pattern is not my original design. I saw it on a youtube tutorial. The link to that tutorial is posted in the post for the Valentine’s Day top.

Also keep in mind I altered the pattern so it is not exactly like shown in the tutorial.

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EmmHouse: Happy Valentines day

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Put next 3 stitches on a cable needle and hold to front of work. Knit next 3 stitches, then knit the 3 stitches on the cable needle Instructions: P2, K1, P1 Row 2: P2, K1, P1 Row 8: Repeat Row 2 Row 9: Repeat Row 10 Row K1, P1, K2, P6 twice.

Great Dane Valentines Love and Hearts Leash Holder and Wall Hook by Carolines Treasures

Quick Christmas Projects Round Up! Christmas fast projects are a must and our quick and easy candy cane cover is festive, fun, and fast to work up — more like doodling really… Number 2. For a quick last minute gift, pair our easy wreath with a bottle of wine or sparkling cider — even bubble bath! For the wine enthusiasts, add wine glass rings to the wreath and a set of wine glasses! Peppermint Pinwheel Santa Ornament.

Crocheted Heart Garland. Valetine’s Day is one of my favorite crafting holidays of the year. My kids and I have a blast to see what Valentine’s Day crafts we can come up with to make our home look festive.

Sure, it’s nice to know how to save money on flowers , make affordable romantic dinners , and find good excuses not to buy your girlfriend jewelry. But what is the real story behind this expensive holiday? More than one-third of men would prefer not receiving a gift. More than nine million pet owners are expected to buy gifts for their pets this Valentine’s Day. More at-home pregnancy tests are sold in March than in any other month.

Penicillin, a popular treatment for venereal diseases such as syphilis, was introduced to the world on February 14,

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